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Peggy was not always the planner of the family...  In the beginning her husband, Stan was the planner.  

Peggy is a recent widow, mother of three sons and doting grandmother. Her husband of 35 years, Stan was a corporate executive about to retire when a brain tumor took his life. 

As true partners in their marriage, she managed the household finances while he handled his 401k at work and together, they juggled raising their sons.

Each weighed in on big financial decisions, consistently saving and watching expenses until they’d grown their portfolio to over $1 million. They had high hopes for retirement and dreamed of pampering grandchildren and leaving a family inheritance.

Now with Stan gone, Peggy is left to take care of it all....
Peggy's Next Moves...
With our help after Stan’s death, Peggy could grieve without feeling overwhelmed. She is grateful that he helped prepare her so well and has now adopted his planning style. She will continue the life they’d hoped for — unfortunately without him by her side, but more empowered just the same.

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We focus on empowering women to create a secure future using tax-free and guaranteed income strategies.

I consider it my duty to ensure your customized retirement plan addresses your life purpose and secures your lifestyle.

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