Why Women
Helping others make wise financial decisions for their retirement and lifetime income. 

At age 5…

I started my lemonade stand. I remember getting excited about what I could buy with those quarters in the jar. It’s that feeling of independence that gave me such a sense of control over my life. As I grew older, it gave me a great sense of security.

I understood with planning and saving, no matter what financial challenges got thrown at me, that I’d be okay. I understood with planning and saving, no matter what financial challenges got thrown at me, that I’d be okay.

As a Financial Consultant, so many women are referred to me after experiencing a life-changing event. While most of these women have saved well, they struggle to understand how to use their money to protect their future.

I help you understand why you should seek a financial advisior that understand you, the relationship you should have with your money, your financial advisor's involvement, how to build a solid financial team and much more...
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Why Seek A Financial Advisor?
We asked our community of empowered women what best explains their initial decision to seek a financial advisor. 

The majority indicated that their income had reached a level were they needed more assistance, which while a leading factor of influence among both males and females, was found to be a more prominent factor among males.

Significantly more females than males sought out an advisor after a life event, such as marriage, birth of a child, divorce, or dealth of parent.  

Inside our "Retirement Challenge For Women" we get to the heart of choosing the right plan for your retirement.  
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Strong Financial Relationships
When we polled our community about how they feel about their relationship with their money and financial advisor, we continued to hear this:  “I need my advisor to listen more and be less defensive when I compare his or her results against the investments I manage all by myself or against my other financial advisor's results.  I would like better returns and to have my advisor listen instead of fighting back.

Does this sound like you? 
  • I want to trust my financial advisor to help keep my finances secure.
  • I want to feel comfortable communicating with my financial advisor.
  • I want to feel more satisfied with my current financial advisor.
  • I'm not sure I would recommend my current financial advisor to family  or friends

If you at all question your current financial situation and you're unsure of your future lifetime income then you should join the "Retirement Challenge For Women".

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Your Retirement Team
We asked our community of women, Does ‘level of involvement’ matter?

Individuals were asked what their current level of involvement with their financial advisor was, as well as the preferred level of involvement they would ideally like to have with their financial advisor.

Many responded that they preferred involvement with their advisor and needed to feel like they have a financial team and community supporting their future. 

Half prefer a high level of involvement from their advisor, while 44% prefer moderate involvement.

Join the "Retirement Challenge For Women" to learn how to best position your financial team. 
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What Matters?
Women recognize that most financial advisers talk “bulls and bears,” rather than values and priorities. They want the straight scoop, rather than fancy lingo that may often sound like double talk.

This doesn’t mean that women aren’t interested in the bottom line. They most definitely are. But they are also interested in having their investments reflect their values and priorities.  

We asked our community what types of communication they’d like to receive from their financial advisor, the top 3 were:

1.  Updates on their plans to know my money is safe.
2.  Touch base for relationship building to see if life changed financially.
3.  Information of relevant financial info that relates to them.

Whether you feel as though you do not have enough assets or that you can handle your financial planning yourself, consider joining the next "Retirement Challenge For Women".  

Review of your current financial situation would make sense. Your financial preparation is crucial to many parts of your lifetime income. 
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It is a long established fact that women do not feel secure in their financial future.  It's time to feel secure about your money and retirement!
Join the hundreds of financially empowered women who have taken back the control of their money and future.
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