I'm Ready To Feel More Empowered About My Retirement
Partnering with you to build a secure future
Message From Jen
You want to be seen and heard.
You want to be engaged in the planning process, not talked down to or overlooked.
Our team is here to make sure your lifetime income will be there for you when you retire.   

We engage you in every step along the way so when it’s all said and done, you’ll have a solid Clarity Money Strategy to address your personal lifecycle goals.
Your customized retirement plan may focus on:
  • Creating a tax-free income stream
  • Establishing a lifetime income stream that lasts
  • Securing your lifestyle in retirement
  • Leaving a legacy for your family
Experience financial peace of mind
As women with more than 2 decades in the financial industry, we appreciate and understand your challenges – that’s why we work with you and walk beside you to create your financial clarity.
Meet Your Team
Providing you with personalized service to help you create financial clarity remains our focus
Airionne Solanke
Certified Financial Planner
Being a Certified Financial Planner® is a rewarding experience to help hundreds of clients have a more peaceful and prosperous retirement. 

I’m excited to partner with you to offer my wealth management expertise. 

I’ll be developing and managing your portfolios.
Tam Dickerson
Financial Planner
I’m dedicated to helping others work toward their goals and increase confidence in their financial situation.

With a background in hospitality management, I’m skilled at mentoring and coaching, communicating on all levels and caring for the needs of others. I’m glad to partner withyou to develop and manage portfolios.
Ciara Lister, Esq.
CEO of Lister Law Offices
Ciara E. Lister is an attorney and co-founder of Legado, an estate planning company that combines the ease of technology with the peace of mind of a one-on-one relationship with an attorney. 

Legado helps clients of all backgrounds and family structures create estate plans that meet their unique needs. Ciara is passionate about making estate planning accessible and approachable for everyone.
Retirement Planning For Women
Loren Trowbridge
Support Specialist
Offering our clients exceptional service is what drives me. It’s the type of service and attention to detail that gives you peace of mind knowing that your request is being handled.

I’ve held my life insurance license for 5 years. This allows me to gain a detailed understanding of the industry so I can deliver excellence to our clients.
Tequila Dodard
Fractional COO -aka- Business Strategist
I help women business owners who own businesses optimize their business operations so they can effectively scale with a more systematic approach.  Join us in the Empowered Women Network!

My goal is to quickly simplify your business systems, help you create meaningful conversations, and connect you with your target audience to grow your bottom line.
Gain financial peace of mind with a team that understands what’s important in your life. Don’t trust your financial future with just anyone.
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