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Sue and Ben are approaching the starting line of their retirement years and have significant hopes and dreams about the years ahead. Spending more time with children, grandchildren and hobbies are all on their wish list. 

Currently, they are watching over Ben’s father who is experiencing the beginning of cognitive decline.

Sue and Ben have done their homework and have made great strides in their planning efforts. 

The couple’s life savings just topped $2 million — an amount that is a source of pride. They are hopeful they have saved enough for a good retirement lifestyle. 

However, some doubt still lingers
Sue and Ben's questions
“Did we miss something?” and “Will we have enough to cover our basic needs, wants and wishes for another 20 to 30 years?”

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Next Steps
Always attentive to their finances, Sue and Ben are open to guidance to ensure they are looking at all the right things. They are particularly interested in strategies that will help manage risk — especially for handling expenses when they no longer have a paycheck coming in. Sue and Ben have become astute investors and are always looking at whether there is more they can be doing.

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We focus on empowering women to create a secure future using tax-free and guaranteed income strategies.

I consider it my duty to ensure your customized retirement plan addresses your life purpose and secures your lifestyle.

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